Our speakers

Johanne Lemieux

Social work and psychotherapist

For over 20 years, Johanne Lemieux has been working with adopted youth and adoptive families. She has become a reknown clinical therapist in Quebec and across Europe. She divides her time between her private practice and other professionnal activites as a lecturer, trainer, author and clinical consultant for private NGOs and gouvernemental autorities. She is the co-author with Dr. Jean-François Chicoine of a bestselling book publish in 2003 (L’enfant adopté dans le monde en quinze chapitres et demi). She started writing a series of educational booklets based on her approach (© Adopteparentalité). The collection published by Québec-Amérique currently includes two books (La normalité adoptive : les clés pour accompagner l’enfant adopté, 2013; L’adoption : mieux vivre les trois premières années, 2016). The third in the series will focus on adopted adolescents and young adults. As a skilled communicator, she is regularly ask to speak to the media.