Our speakers

Jesús Palacios

Professor, Department of Developmental Psychology, University of Sevilla

Jesús Palacios, PhD, is professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Seville, Spain. He has conducted research on both domestic and international adoptions in Spain, especially focusing on issues of recovery after early adversity and parent-child relationships. He has published numerous books and articles on foster care and adoption, including Psychological Issues in Adoption: Research and Practice, coedited with David Brodzinsky (Praeger, 2005). He has developed protocols for the assessment of adoption suitability and has coauthored a preadoption training program for prospective adopters, as well as books for both prospective and adoptive parents. In Spain and other countries, he consults regularly with governmental agencies about how to improve systems of foster care and adoption on behalf of children, and he has played a leadership role in connecting adoption researchers around the world. He hosted the successful Fourth International Conference on Adoption Research in Bilbao, Spain, in 2013.