MON July 9, 2018 MON July 9, 2018
3:30 pm 3:30 pm
Salle Mont-Royal Salle Mont-Royal
Abbie Goldberg

Abbie Goldberg

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Clark University

Grande conférence / Keynote Session

Du placement à la puberté: Famille adoptive homoparentale à travers le temps /From Placement to Puberty: Lesbian and Gay Adoptive Parent Families Over Time

This talk will draw from the author’s 13 years of longitudinal research with lesbian and gay adoptive families. It will begin by addressing same-sex couples’ transition to parenthood, including their decision-making around adoption type and child characteristics (e.g., race), how they navigate parental roles and the division of labor, and parents’ mental health and relationship quality across the transition. Lesbian/gay parents’ intimate relationship functioning will also be addressed, including factors that optimize relationship quality, dynamics and demographics associated with relationship decline and dissolution/divorce, and custody arrangements. The family-school interface, including parents’ school selection, relationships with teachers and other parents, involvement at school, and advocacy on behalf of their children, will be a focus. Children’s psychosocial adjustment will be addressed, including gender development, mental health, and academic functioning. Finally, lesbian/gay adoptive families’ relationships with birth family will be explored, as well as their approaches to racial socialization of their children.