Call for abstracts

Abstract Submission Guidelines


February 9, 2018 at 23:59 (Canada Eastern Time)

All proposals can be submitted in English or French.


Submissions should fall under
one of the following three formats.

Feature presentation and discussion of research. This format is most appropriate for academic papers reporting on scholarly work. Authors present summaries or overviews of their complete research, describing the essential features (purpose, procedures, outcome, product, or results) of their work.

Facilitate individual and small group conversations through the use of a visual aid. Poster presentations can emphasize research, practice, or other initiatives. Posters will be organised in thematic groups in an effort to promote interaction among participants.

Provide a forum for discussion, debate, and explication of diverse perspectives as they pertain to specific topics or themes. Symposia should be used to present multiple and related research and/or practice themes of at least 3 presenters. Submissions that explicitly describe the over-arching theme(s) as well as individual presenter contributions will be preferred.

Abstract proposal form

The delivery format being proposed